Saturday, July 16, 2011

landscape, horizon

Ths is my landscape design for my course with jane davies.  I really like her method of doing backgrounds with collage and once again would rave about her online course.
I just used some papers from my 'red papers folder' and glued away, using matte medium.  such fun.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

zounds!! I'll try another one!

well, slightly out of order, but here is the first sample: playing with one shape.  Also from the jane davies workshop.  And really, this whole post is just to see if I can actually do this.  BUT that said, it's a fabulous workshop and I would highly recommend it, just in case someone out there reads this!!!

a total experiment! can I do this.

now, can I add some text!! this is my sample number two from a workshop I am taking with jane davies (see  And I'm just experimenting to see if my old brain can figure out how to do posts.  I'll stop here and see if this works!!