Saturday, February 11, 2017

Hip, hip, hooray!!!

At last, both hips are done now!!!  One month since my second hip operation and all is well.  How amazing to be living at a time when such things can be fixed!  How fortunate I am!!!  And with spring coming, I cannot wait to be out going for walks!

In the meantime, I have been continuing on with my Photoshop journey.  I have taken a couple of classes with Anna Aspnes now and have enjoyed them thoroughly.  Actually, the second class is ongoing...Art Play 2017.  Such fun.  In her December class I put together a book using my photos from my France trip in 2012.  It is so nice to see my photos on paper instead of just as part of my photo stream on my computer.

And I am at the same time continuing to play with my photos on my iPad and iPhone.  Will the fun never end?!

I apologize for my long absence.   It did seem at one point as if the hip surgery would never happen....but it did and it's all good.

I'll be back!