Monday, February 15, 2016

Jacquard fabric painting and surgery dates

OK, tomorrow is my surgery date to have the first hip replaced.  Oh my goodness, such relief.  I haven't been doing much lately, which you probably know from my lack of posts, but I have been registered in several online classes!!

I have 'taken' a class with Jane Davies on printing with the gelatin plate and collage. 'Taken'  That means that I have watched the videos that accompany the class.  Now I am 'taking' Jane's class on Color Theory.  I am also enrolled in classes with Jane Davenport and they seem to be pretty good as well. I can sit at my kitchen table and draw, at least.  And I am 'taking' a class on linocutting with Dijanne Cevaal, also very interesting.

And then there is Netflix.

I have also taken, and been able to work on, the two classes offered by the Pixeladies.  And because I have Photoshop Elements loaded on my computer (which sits on the kitchen table), I have been able to get some work done.  But it's frustrating how feeling trapped, sore, (and yes, blue) can sap one's energy, which is why I have been so absent for so long. And when I upgraded to Elements 14, I managed to import all my picture categories, but I have had to go through all my (several thousand) photos again and reassign categories to them.  (I think I must have done something wrong during the importing....not much of a tech person, alas).

 Anyway, it's meant I've been reviewing a lot of things, which has been interesting.  The above photo is of a little picture I drew onto fabric some time ago and then painted with Jacquard fabric paints.  The paints were really old but still performed beautifully.  Then just a bit of heat setting and I was good to go. Unfortunately, the paints are at the back of the closet, tucked away, and the fabric is on the bolt.  And it all feels somewhat insurmountable, the idea of bending, stretching, pulling, etc. to get out more supplies.  Can't wait until I can get back to my 'normal' looking forward to a good walk!  But that will have to wait until I have the second hip done.  But hopefully by the end of this coming summer I'll be all fixed and contemplating some lovely walks.

And now, oh my gosh, a face!  I never draw faces....but the Jane Davenport class I am taking is all about Alice in Wonderland, and she has a face!!  So here is a first attempt...this is done with pencil crayons, a medium that I have no experience with, yet!  It's fun to take on something new.  Especially now when I am wanting to be distracted.  This particular class, Wonderland, emphasizes the use of watercolour, which is why I signed up, and the pencil crayon lesson is from her class 'Supplies Me' (yes, I signed up for that one as well!) but I am sort of doing it with and 'Alice' theme.  Multi-tasking, right???

Anyway, away I go to make sure I have everything in place for when I come home from the hospital...a two-night stay only.  Thankfully my guy is here to fill the 'caregiver' role and I am so very grateful.

So, I may be absent once again (thank you for hanging in there) but when I come back, it should be with renewed spirit, and certainly renewed joints!!! Yay!

Back, but maybe not too soon.  But I'll be back.

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