Friday, September 18, 2015

The True Cost. A documentary.

I recently watched a documentary that I think should be required viewing for everyone.  So I'm going to go right out there and suggest that you watch this one.  It's a life-changer, to be sure.  It's called The True Cost and it's about who pays the true cost for the clothing we wear.  It's about Fast Fashion, throw-away fashion, it's about Rana Plaza, and it's about the last two decades especially of the disaster that has become our consumer-oriented approach to the clothing we wear.  Did you know that the fashion industry is the second largest polluter on earth, just next to the oil industry? Shocking.

The movie is available on Netflix.  Watch it.  Watch it with your kids.  They need to know too. Check out the movie's website and watch the trailer.  Please.

I have also purchased, from Amazon, the book Stitched Up.

From the back cover:  Moving between Karl Lagerfield and Karl Marx, Stitched Up delves into the alluring world of fashion, exploring class, consumerism, advertising and garment factories to reveal the beneficiaries of exploitation.

Ok, that's it for today's rant.

In other business, there hasn't really been too much other business!  I have sort of stumbled somewhat. and am still stuck at my kitchen table.  I have been doing and not doing.  Sort of in survival mode.   With this little one.

And exploring the possibilities offered by my world.

It's all good.

I have been doing lots of life drawing, but I don't expect you want to see those.  But I promise to be back shortly with more.  I'm starting to work again and so, I'll be back....