Wednesday, April 20, 2016

One done, one to go

So, one hip operation done, one to go.  And I am so very happy to report that everyone was right!!!  A very successful surgery and recovery.  Yay!!!  It's been two months and I am so very pleased.   My guy looked after me and treated me like a princess....I am so spoiled.  He made everything very easy for me.  So lucky.

Now, it's just a wait for the next one.  I am still hampered by my second hip, but I cannot believe that it might be possible, after all these years, to finally go for a walk!!  And it's spring.  Still not at my sewing machine or my dye pots, but that will come in time.

In the meantime, I have escaped my kitchen table, or at least, I am only there when I want to be.  And lately, I have been playing again with my watercolours.  I have taken a couple of online courses, (it's what I do, right??), one with Jane Davenport and another with Danielle Donaldson.  Both excellent.  But the one with Danielle Donaldson seemed to have hit just the right chord with me, at just the right time.  Playing with colours and doing small pieces.  A few of them are in the pic above.

I'm off to play again today.

this first one is the link for the danielle donaldson class....just scroll down the list for her class info.