Saturday, March 18, 2017

Walking again!

So, I am still here and I am walking again!! I honestly didn't realize how much I had missed being able to go outside and go for a walk.  And since I don't take my sticks with me anymore, I am also able to enjoy walking in the rain....I love the sound of the rain on my umbrella!  Yay!

But of course, I am still totally immersed in the whole Photoshop experience.  I am continuing with my classes with Anna Aspnes and am currently taking one involving the use of brushes, including making our own.  So much to learn.  And what a lot of fun.

I created this one this morning from a couple of pictures I took a few years ago.  I used some of Anna's resources for the frames and the background of the main image.

I am trying to learn how to create an effective 'broken' photo look, as well as other bits and pieces. Learning, learning.  I have a Wacom tablet that I really like and it helps immensely with accuracy in drawing.

And it's nearly SPRING!!! Oh my, life is good,