Friday, October 19, 2012

Building a Steamer for Dyed Fabrics

I haven't been doing much art lately so haven't had much to show you.  Sorry about that.

However, we have been building a steamer for my dyed fabrics using the directions from Jean Dunnewold and Lisa Kerpoe's bookon Vibrant Colour (I'll get the complete title for my next post).  I haven't had a chance to try it out yet but I can't wait.  The resulting colours are supposed to be much more vibrant.  Certainly, it will make the removal of the soy wax much easier and so much better for my drain pipes!!   You can see the various bits and pieces in the first shot and then the platform to raise the unit above the water in the second shot.  More pictures and more information for you next time.

 In the meantime, my guy is getting himself organized for his winter trip to warmer climes.  And I am getting organized to spend the winter devoting myself to various art endeavours.  I have started a watercolour class at one of our local art schools and am taking an on-line class with Lesley Riley (for which I will provide a link in the next post as well.....clearly I am not as organized as I had hoped!!)  I am trying to spend some time drawing every day and I want to do some painting every day as well.   I am babysitting quite a lot and we've been doing lots of walks. The rain has arrived at last and the fall season is upon us.  It is all very beautiful.

My guy leaves in a week and then I'll be back.  I promise!

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