Saturday, October 26, 2013

Monoprinting daisies

This is detail of a small quilt that I made last year.  I started with a monoprint using fabric paints of some daisies that I had earlier painted in watercolour.  I stitched like crazy and bound the little quilt in black with red accents.  I called it "The Space Between" and it was juried into the Canadian National Quilt Show last May. That was exciting!!
Today I have made up another batch of dyes and I feel as if maybe this is the start of some fabric work again.  I really haven't done much in quite a few months.  I'm still working on the Quilting and Patchwork class offered by the Kemshalls on their Design Matters site (it's a great course).  So far we've been working with paper and paint so this is my first go at fabric pieces in a while. I'm trying to settle on a colour palette....such a hard job because I love all colours, pastel colours to jewel colours.  And who can forget the drama of black and white??!!  What a decision.  I'm still floundering about trying to decide.  More dyeing tomorrow to see if I can come closer to a satisfactory solution!!
I bought Ann Johnston's new DVD on dyeing fabric (available on her website).  It is SO inspirational.  I have taken a few classes with her and she is a wonderful and wonderfully generous instructor.  And her DVD is also exceptional.
I feel as if I'm wandering here.  I'm going to wander off and press my rinsed out fabrics.
I'll be back.  In the meantime, check out these links.....


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    1. Tks, Jo. You know I love those wee daisies!!!

  2. Very many thanks, Marny. I will check out Ann Johnston as soon as I have a moment. It sounds great . While I think of it - have you seen Ruth Issett's latest book A Passion for Colour? Now that's a riot of colour and texture ... delicious. When I've something to show from experiments from the book I will post ...

    1. Tks, CS. I have pre-ordered Ruth Issett's new book from Amazon but so far it's not available here in Canada. I have all her other books and I've been lucky enough to take some classes with her....she is one talented lady!!! I'll check out your posts to check out your inspiration!!