Tuesday, January 28, 2014

English Paper Piecing

Oh my, I have never done this before!! This is one of the assignments for the Kemshall Quilting and Patchwork class..well, it's my version of it at least.  And since I've never done this kind of work before it's going to be interesting how this all comes out in the end!!!  I'm not a hand stitcher but I do love the motion of the thread going in and out of the fabric.  So far these are just fiddle-y little bits of (mostly) hand-dyed fabric stitched over paper (hence the name, to be sure).  Blood has been shed!!!  And sweat, but no tears.  So far so good!!
I've taken an inspiration picture, analyzed the colours, painted them onto a grid (hidden underneath the little fabric patches, sorry) and then tried to match them with my fabrics.  Now I have to stitch them together.  Teeny tiny stitches.  Fortunately my optometrist has called to say I am due for an appointment.  So that's why I can't see!!!
More to follow!


  1. I made a small cot quilt in just this way for my daughter when she was born - I still have it - in Laura Ashley sprigged cottons (remember them?) . Seeing this brought back the memories - and the fiddling and the need to be NEAT! Great to combine it with colour analysis of a photo.

    1. Tks for stopping my, Margaret. It bet that little cot quilt is lovely. And yes, I do remember the Laura Ashley printed cottons!! I am enjoying this process but I don't think my eyes are!

  2. Love this! Beautiful earth colours. What a LOT of work!! Well done :)

  3. beautiful colour scheme. Hmm, I know what you mean about the optical challenge.

  4. Thanks Jo. Thanks Lesley. I'm working away on this little piece...tiny tiny stitches. Stitch, stitch, rest. Stitch, stitch, rest. And so on!!!