Friday, April 18, 2014

Enjoying April and (Hazel) Mae

So it's not as if we've been doing nothing around here.  My son, his wife and my little grandson live in my suite. And they are expecting.  Well they were.  The other morning, early earlymy daughter-in-law phoned and said "So, I don't know if you heard or not, but we had a baby last night."  What!!!???!!!  Nearly two weeks to go and the sweet little thing seems to have decided on an early coming-out-party!!  She is a tiny little doll and my little grandson is being an absolute trooper.  Of course, by some amazing magical foresight Hazel (who was born at home here) managed to do some early morning shopping and arrived with a couple of toys for her big brother...clearly she is scoring points right from the get-go!!!

I am taking a printmaking course (a fabulous course) with Linda Germain.  I've put a link to her blog below.
There is a lot to take in since this is all new territory for me but I am certainly enjoying it.  There is a new video each day (monday to friday) for the duration of the six-week course and tons of inspiration. I am doing my best to keep up (what with babysitting and all) and struggling with techniques that I find somewhat daunting but promising at the same time!  When all is said and done I hope to apply some of this to fabric.  In the meantime I am using the water-based printing inks from the supply list and an amazing gelatin plate that I have prepared following the instructions in the course.  It's working ever so well!
And then I am working still on my on-line class with the Kemshall's.  I am doing the part where I have to prepare a pieced quilt.  Well, since it's no longer technically City and Guilds I am taking a few liberties with the interpretation of 'pieced'.   So here is the start.  These are my own hand dyed fabrics but here it's not really pieced yet.  I have actually made a bit of headway since I laid out these pieces but now I am struggling with the whole quarter-inch seam thing.  Every time I sew a seam I am reducing the size of the original piece by 1/4 inch on each side so I am driving myself slightly nuts with proportions and colours, adding and taking away, what if, what if....  It has advanced somewhat from this stage but I don't have any pictures at the moment.  I'll have to get back to you.  When I'm not babysitting.  Or printing.  Or enjoying our April weather which is glorious beyond words!!
Hmmm.  It would seem that the balance of this post is going to be centred along with the picture.  Oh well.  figuring out computer stuff is most definitely not my strong suit.                                                                   

I'll get busy with some more of these pieces and get back to you in a bit.   

here is the link to Linda's site:  do have a look.  She does lovely work!!!
And if you don't know it yet, do also check out


  1. What a lovely, wonderful joy for you! These grandchildren are such a treasure. We now have four under five and every one a delight.
    I love the look of your printing - so delicate. I've discovered, but not exploited, Geliprints - fun but I'm sure there's a lot more potential.

    1. Tks for stopping by Margaret. Yes indeed, to the wee ones, they are a treat!! And I am having fun with the printing...I have a Geliarts print plate as well but haven't tried it yet, I'm wondering if I'll get the same results....I'll post when I give it a try.

  2. Congratulations on your lovely grand-daughter and welcome back! I've missed your posts. Looks like some fabulous quilt work coming soon. Looking forward to it :)

    1. Tks Jo. Yup, she's a cutie! And I'll post the quilt when I'm further along. At the moment it's a case of: sew one or two seams, sizing all changed, panic, re-assess, deep breath and carry on. And so I shall.....