Monday, May 5, 2014

Early morning sunshine with a strong chance of stitch

I got up early friday morning and the sun was just starting to hit the clematis at the perfect angle....the one that gets me out with my camera.  We had a couple of days of unseasonably warm weather (up to about 24 degrees celsius!) and there were lots of people out as well as the flowers!

And then on the weekend I spent about 10 hours stitching.  It was good to make some head-way on my pieced quilt for the Kemshall class.  These are all my own hand-dyed fabrics and they are ones that I wasn't sure I would be able to use because some of them are quite distinctive, but I think (I think) they all work together here.  I hope you agree!

And now I am wanting to do some printing, inspired by Linda Germain's printmaking class.  (I notice that she has another one scheduled,with the sign-up this week.  It really is a great class, do consider it).  I am enthused to keep playing with the methods she showed us, and I want to try some of the ideas using thickened dyes.  I bought some heavier papers to try printing onto and I have cut some more stencils.  And I'm looking forward to playing with them all.

And so, check out both of these great sites:;

More to do and so hopefully, more to show you later.  I'll be back.....

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  1. L love the developing texture on your quilt. The colours are beautiful together.