Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A bit of a cliffhanger.....

I am continuing to work on my little piece from my earlier post, but I'm also working on another collage that I've put together from another printing session with my gelatin plate.  I am enjoying playing with all the printed bits to come up with another image.  This one reminds me of those little wee plants that hang onto the edge of hillsides.  At this point, I think I'm calling it "Outcropping" but of course, everything is subject to change!!  What hasn't changed is how much I'm enjoying the hand stitching with the machine stitching and trying to marry together all the little bits.  Oh, but the pinpricks, I can do without the pinpricks!!!

This is a pic from when I had it all basted together but before I got out the Aurofil and Genziana threads.  I'll keep stitching.  I love a good murder mystery and I'm using my hand stitching as an excuse to watch "Jack Taylor" on Netflix.  It's a good use of my time, don't you think???  Multitasking!!

I'll be back.....another episode awaits.....


  1. Wondered where you'd been! You're obviously very good at multitasking ... the tiny plants are beautiful.

  2. Oh the pinpricks ! So hard to deal with when your natural bent is to sew with machine, where fingers don't handle needles.
    Looking good, Marny ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Sharron. thanks for checking in...it's been a heck of a winter. I'll post soon. All is (mostly) well.

  4. I am glad I checked ... have seen you post to my blog, but nothing on your own and worried that you had given up blogging ! Obviously you have had other pressing things going on and I understand very well. Best wishes to you and yours ;)