Friday, August 7, 2015

Playing about with apps.

This is a version of a picture I took some time ago in my kitchen, but changed (A LOT!!) in Megaphoto, one of the apps suggested by Susie Monday in her most interesting course, Art on the iPad.  The colours were even more vibrant in the 'original' re-worked photo, but I'm still not sure how to post to my blog from my iPad, so I had to send this pic to a friend and then scoop it from that email in order to post very convoluted...there must be an easier way.

I'll keep working on it.  And I'll be back.


  1. The Susie Monday course looks most interesting. Perhaps when we're back fro our northern travels, I'll investigate.

    1. As to posting photos from iPad to blog direct .. I too would love to know how! I have a connector which takes my camera card and can import photos off it with no trouble and the go into my blog fine.
      In fact, replying to your post the first time gave problems and I got cut off in the middle, hence the two separate replies. I now use the VERY simple ?Blogger app to write posts on the go as doing it in blogger seems impossible ... It's all to do with the vagaries of Blogger and the arguments between
      Apple and Google, I believ

    2. ... And now blogger won't let me correct my typing errors on my iPad! Sorry ...

    3. Hi Margaret....ah, technology!! But I will check out the Blogger app....better than nothing, I suppose! I confess, when I travel, I take my laptop, although it's very heavy...but it is so reliable and I have Photoshop Elements installed. Blogger won't let me post any more pics without some sort of additional purchase, so I resize everything in PE before posting. Ah yes, technology indeed!!!
      Thanks for stopping by!!!

    4. The Blogger app is VERY basic but it does let me post with photos on the go, but I can't access anyone else's posts or comment on them or reply to comments on my posts.

  2. LOVE it, Marny !!!!!!!!
    I will check out that app :)