Sunday, October 25, 2015

Rose hips and small steps

I haven't been too busy lately and here it is almost the end of October already.  Fall is moving through the garden, along with the raccoons, squirrels, deer in the front yard and (new to me, good grief) several rabbits.  Does this mean the end of my vegetables I am wondering??? I hope not. I have been told that the rabbits are after the clover in my lawn (no herbicides or pesticides, happily for them) but I am wondering about my vegetables come spring time. We shall see.

But today a friend invited me over to her place to do a bit of painting, to sort of spur each other on since we both seem to be in a bit of a slump!, and I was entranced by the rose hips outside her window.

I was delighted to see them since I had arrived at her place with absolutely no direction in mind.  But after a lovely lunch we settled down to do a bit of painting.

And then I found this pic that I did a while ago in one of Jane Davies' classes.  I am enrolled in another of her classes for next month..,hoping I can accomplish something at that time.  In the meantime I am enjoying the Pixeladies class and am starting week four tomorrow.  Which happily is a review.  I am gong to have a go at abstracting some photos in the next bit, something that they teach in one of their lessons.  We'll see. (Quite a lot of 'seeing' in this post, not a lot of doing.  Alas.  But I'll show you if I get to the 'doing' part!!)

That's it for now.  I've decided that I've been watching too much Netflix so I am cutting myself back to evenings only.  Makes for some very long days but I'm hoping to re-establish some sort of art focus.  We'll see (again, already) how well I do with that one.

I'll be back.


  1. Love the rose hips!! Carry on :)

  2. Hello, Marny. You must think I've disappeared off the face of the earth! I have been away LOTS and am about to go on a long trip again soon to warmer climes. Like you, everything is looking very autumnal here now and we had our first proper frost the other night.
    I love your rose hips ... and I'm delighted to hear you're doing the Pixeladies course. I use what I learnt every time I edit a photo, though I know that if I'd had time to go through the lessons again since they finished, I'd have learnt even more. I'm looking out for Course 3 when it happens.
    I plan to post on my travels - I really enjoyed your record of France earlier in the year.

    1. Hi Margaret. Indeed, I have been enjoying reading about your adventures on your blog! And thank you once again for suggesting the Pixeladies....such fun and perfect for me at this time. Looking forward to more pics from your future travels!! Have fun!!

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  3. Marny ! I love your rose hips !!
    I wish I had someone to paint with ! I am feeling a tug to get back to whole ink drawings and maybe some watercolour but will probably have to find a watercolour class somewhere.
    We're expecting a lot of rain tonight and that will take care of any remaining leaves on our trees ... winter is coming !