Friday, November 4, 2011

Lesson two in Jane Davies' Text and Image class

As instructed in lesson two, I have prepared some transparency images to attach to a collage.  I printed some of my photos onto matte photo paper, covered them with several coats of gel medium and then soaked the paper off.  I've then affixed two of the resulting transparencies to a previously prepared collage.  It's a neat technique.  The first image is the collage sans image, and the second has the images affixed.  Next time I would take off the borders around the pictures...I think they would sit better on the page.   Also, it's a bit tricky to get off all the paper from the photo paper and I can see that I have left some wee little bits...and yes, they have come back to haunt me!!  I wasn't quite so fastidious with the borders and clearly, I should have been!!  

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