Sunday, December 8, 2013

Busy working

So, my guy has left again for his winter in warmer climes (this time off to India, much warmer than here!) and I am busy working on my projects.  He'll spend his time meditating and traveling and I will spend my time working away on my projects...our winters seem to suit us both.  I am slowly losing all available table top spaces and there are even projects pinned on to the backs of several chairs, sort of inspiration panels that also allow for sitting....sometimes.

These are a couple of needlefelted pillow tops that I am working on.  Just playing about with colour and shape and line.  (The top piece is inspired by a piece that Laura Kemshall prepared several months ago in one of their DesignMattersTV videos.)  The fabrics are some lovely pure wool pieces that I got on a recent trip to Port Townsend.  Yummy.  I dyed fabric yesterday to use as backing for the bottom piece but what I had expected to be brown (well, the label said so!) in fact came out blue.  Well, at least the parts that I dyed green were accurate anyway...but what to do with all that blue and green fabric!!!???  (discharge experiments perhaps??)

And I also finished this piece for an upcoming show.

This piece is soy wax resisted, silk screened (using another soy wax imprint on the screen) and then hand and machine stitched.  The pears are hand-painted onto a separate piece of fabric and then stitched onto the pillow top.  I'm pleased to be finished it at last since it's been kicking around for about a year!!  I had done a similar piece as a Christmas gift for one of my sons last year.

And I've been dyeing more fabrics and thread.
And more fabric and thread (you'll have to trust me that there are tons of skeins to go with these gradations as well!)  All of these fabrics and threads are prepared so that I can keep pushing through on the Kemshall class.  I had hoped to get the present module finished by the end of December...I'm still hoping but there's quite a long way to go yet!!

So I'm off.  I'll be back....


  1. So glad to see you back!!! Love the new pieces, especially the pears, so beautiful. Can't believe how busy you are ... nice work. :)

    1. Thanks, Jo. And then I hear there's some sort of holiday coming up???!!! But what if it interrupts the flow!!!

  2. So lovely to see what you've been up to - especially the colours and texture in the pears piece. And I can so easily identify with disappearing chairs and table space. I don't know why it happens but I seem to generate a glaze of fabric, paints, coloured paper, glue and numerous other items on every available space in my work room. There seems to be so little time or inclination for clearing up!

    1. So true, Margaret. And do you think my holiday guests would understand if I set up a card table for the holiday feast!!!??? Perhaps not. I'll have to tidy up, I guess. Sigh.