Friday, December 27, 2013

One little picture

The dinner is over and the place tidied up again and now I can get my projects back onto the table!!  I have taken a line drawing I did some time ago and enlarged it.  I've then tried to replicate it using graphite.

The image I worked from was taken from the second image above, and I cropped it somewhat for the graphite image.  It is sort of my playing-around version of one of the activities for the Kemshall class, which I guess I'd better get to.  This was fun to do.  I am enjoying having just one class on the go at the moment.  I don't feel quite so fragmented!!  We'll see how long I last!
Back soon.....


  1. Love these loose free drawings - and black and white! I find them a great pleasure to do but feel I don't do enough of them. Perhaps a resolution looms for the New Year ...

    1. Eeek!!! Yes, resolutions....I wonder.....maybe just to clean off the table once in a while!!!
      Tks for stopping by!