Saturday, July 26, 2014

Jacquard Fabric paints and the gelatin printing plate

I am continuing to play with my gelatin plate and the Jacquard fabric paints.  I am using the plate that I made last march when I took the printing class with Linda Germain and it is still going strong, without refrigeration.  It just waits patiently until I am struck by the need to do some more printing!!! Such a good thing, although I think it may be time to start a-new, or at least try the re-constitution of the original plate.  I also bought some new paints from Dharma recently but this pic was made using my old (very old, 5 years maybe?) paints.

This has progressed further from this point and I have bound it (and straightened that slightly-off line on the right hand side!!) but here is an in-progress shot.  I have finished this one off with some stencils that I made and then applied the shapes to the stitched piece using Shiva (Markal) paint sticks.  This really is such a fun technique.  I'm working on another that I'll show you next time.

I'll be back.....


  1. Lovely colours and design, Marny !

  2. This came out so beautifully - you are flying!