Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Unscheduled absences!!

Yes, I'm still here!!! Such a busy summer....my younger son and his family have vacated the suite in my house and we have spent some time renovating and renting it.  (My son et al. have moved across the water to Vancouver where he will be spending a couple of years doing his Masters at UBC.  They have moved into family housing on campus....wow, it's lovely over there!!  But I miss them like crazy!)  BUT I am very lucky in that my elder son and his family still live in town so I can still get my children/grandchildren-fix!!  Whew!!!  But that took care of August!!

I sent my little quilt to Ontario for the Canadian Quilt Association's National Juried Show.  That was exciting!!  The pic below is the actual piece, but it's taken against a pinkish wall, so you'll have to ignore that part.  I've dyed all the fabric myself, and this is a rendition (in three parts, look again!!) of a picture I took in France in 2012.

And guess what!! Here I am again!!!  Oh, isn't retirement the best!!

 Landing in Paris!

Water wheel on the Rue des Tinturiers.

We are fortunate enough to be able to spend another six weeks in France and we have settled into a lovely little apartment in Avignon.  This time we are going to spend the whole time in one spot, getting to know the area and really savouring the lifestyle here.  Oh my gosh!! And here's a happy find.....there is an art store right across the road from our apartment!!!  Savour, savour!!!  Dangerous!!!  (I didn't know it was so close when I rented this apartment.    Honest!!)  I'm going to pop over there today to have a good look around....my guy and I went in the other day for a quick look, but you know how it is.....one needs time on one's own to really get to know the place!!! Don't you think!!

And here is my little studio assistant, trying to figure out just what I was doing with all those bags, and all that art stuff that I was packing into them!!  (I'm not showing you one of my guy's face when he had to pick it up!!! He is patience personified!!)

So that's it for now.  Unfortunately, I have come down with an awful cold and so am not doing too much in the art department for the moment.  I'm hoping to at least get things set up a bit today to see how it's all going to work out.

I'll be back.....


  1. Wonderful to see your post, Marny. Looking forward to future posts. I do appreciate your studio assistant. Hope you feel 100% soon.

  2. Hi Laura. Tks for stopping by. I understand my studio assistant is settling in nicely with her 'babysitter' so I feel better all around!!

  3. Good to hear from you. Have thought of you lots. I am in

    1. Steph!!! I've sent you an email. You have piqued my curiosity. Where oh where are you??? 'in stitches'? 'in Hawaii maybe'? 'in a new class'? or maybe just 'in-terested'!!! Soon I will be 'in touch with you'!! talk soon! m