Monday, September 29, 2014

The end of September in Avignon

We have continued with our daily walks and it continues to be beautiful weather.  Today is overcast, but still warm.

The Pont Benezet (known to most of the world as the Pont d'Avignon) seen from one of the exits leading out of the walled city.  We were walking by, on the inside of the walls, and I slipped out to get this shot.  Not the best, but a variation.
This is one of a pair of ring-necked doves that live in the area.  This is part of the building we are in, in fact, that is taken out one of the windows in our living room, looking east.  The wall, in fact, is part of our apartment, where our bedroom is.
 And, because I'm not especially good at getting the order of things right, this is from our Sunday morning walk and I believe is in the place Carnot.
 This is another Sunday morning shot (notice that there are hardly any people about!) taken in the walking area as we were on our way to Les Halles to get some food fixin's.  Les Halles is open every morning except Mondays and is usually a pretty bustling place.  Sunday morning was no exception.  I'll try and get a shot of the inside before we leave.
This is another shot out the east facing window in our living room from early this morning.  The picture of the dove, a couple of shots above this one, was taken looking out the right hand side of the window, only looking more 'up' as it were, where the birds generally are!!!
And I have done a couple more pictures inspired by the fruit plate that I set up quite a few days ago (the fruit's long gone but the photo remains!!).  The most recent ones are on the bottom.  I haven't finished the one in the bottom middle...I'll show you that one when I've done some more to it.  It's quite fun to do the same picture a few times because I learn something new each time.  And I'm getting a bit more comfortable with my palette....but still such a long way to go.  It's fun (almost always!!).

The weather forecast is for rain tomorrow.  I'm on my own for a few days (sort of) as my guy is taking some time do to a meditation 'retreat'.  He will do this quite often at home and there is no reason that here should be any different.  It's quite handy that we have two bedrooms in the apartment here so I can come and go as I please and he can sit still, as he pleases!!!  It's all good!

It should mean that I'll spend a bit more time drawing, painting, printing, whatever, as I please!!  Hopefully I'll have more to show you next time.

I'll be back.....


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    1. Thanks, Sharron. How lucky I am to have such inspirational subject matter all around....I keep pinching myself!