Saturday, September 20, 2014

Daily Walk Sept 19

We went for a walk yesterday, as we are doing most days.  The skies were overcast and it was extremely muggy, not my favourite kind of weather because we are still around 30 degrees.  I start disintegrating around 25 so I'm definitely not at my best.  Ah well.  I'm in France, that part's the best!

This first shot is taken whilst walking up Rue Joseph Vernet.  Not terribly exciting but I confess I'm thinking of perspective here.  I'll have to get some better shots for you, but I'll have to be feeling more inspired and less per-spired, if you see what I mean.

And this one is taken of the sweet merry-go-round in Place de L'Horlage.  This pic is for my elder son who remembers the merry-go-round in one of the malls in Portland, Washington.  It's where we used to go and buy his Buster Brown shoes.....oh so long ago now!

And finally, this is a pencil rendition of the photo I showed you the other day.  Not terribly exciting, but at least I've got some of my art supplies out.  It was a nice way to while away an hour.

Not sure what's coming next, but I'll be back.....


  1. Marny, your drawing of the fruit bowl is lovely. I'm so glad you're finding the time to do your artwork. And please keep posting photos, so that the rest of us can vicariously enjoy the south of France.

    1. Thanks Joanie. I'll be out again tomorrow morning with my camera et al. But planning on going out really really early to try and be back before the melting begins!!