Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Walking around Avignon Sept 23, 2014

Yesterday was a lot cooler and we set off early in the morning for one of three walks yesterday.  It was quite hot again in the afternoon, but our morning walks were SO lovely!!  The afternoon was warm, but at least not the 30 degrees we've been having lately.

In no particular order (because I've kind of lost track....we did walk all over the place yesterday!!)  This was our first glimpse this trip of the Palais des Papes.  We walked up a little flight of stairs leading off from Rue de la Balance and were struck with this view.

A few steps further on and we were able to see more of the Palais.  And not very many tourists!!! As I recall someone came up and asked us about the little train that does regular tours around the city (and that you can see in the bottom right) and he was wondering whether or not he would make the 5 o'clock tour, so I guess this one was from the end of the day!!  I seem to have got the order backwards!!
 This one I have added because I was struck by all the examples of contrasts of old and new.  Fun!

And this one is of the eastern end of the Rue des Teinturiers.  I think it's one of my favourite streets in Avignon.

We took the little electric bus, the Baladine, in the afternoon and tried to find the english bookstore and tea room that is up in the north-eastern end of they city.  (Unfortunately it is closed for holidays until next week...we'll try again!)  The little bus is fun to take and only seats 6 passengers.  It runs every 15 to 20 minutes on a circular route around the city, every day except Sunday, and fortunately for me, one of the streets on its route is just at the top of our block!!   (We are staying in the south-western part of the city.)

We spent so much time walking yesterday that all I had time for was a quick visit to the art store.  Oh, poor me!!!  I hope to get something done today...I'll show you later.

I'll be back.....


  1. marny I can see why you like this particular street. this is a very charming photo - rue de tienturiers

    1. Thanks, Laine. There used to be a thriving textile business in Avignon and the water wheels on this street were used in the dyeing of the fabrics. Neat, hey!!
      Thanks for stopping by again!