Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Watercolours from Avignon, Sept 30

Haven't done too much today.  I walked up to Les Halles this morning and bought some lovely veggies for lunch and dinner and then have come back to our apartment and done a little sketch from one of the pics that I showed you yesterday.  This is taken in the Place Carnot which is situated almost in the centre of the walled city.

It's very close to Place Pie, where Les Halles is situated, and is just outside the pedestrian-only area. Well, it's not really just for pedestrians, because, you see, while they have these neat little cement block things at the entrance to the roadways, that prevent cars from entering the zone, if they (the drivers) have a magic pass card/key thing that makes the cement block things sink into the ground, then they (the drivers AND their cars) can drive into the pedestrian areas which kind of negates the whole idea of a pedestrian-only zone!!  (If you see what I'm saying.)  I guess it's for the store owners, people who are doing deliveries, etc. and for that cute little Baladine electric van that goes around the city.  And since the Baladine is electric it doesn't make any noise, so it is possible to be walking along in the pedestrian-only zone,  quite oblivious to the van driving along Right Behind You!!  Creepy!!

Anyway, I am also showing you the pear pic that I did yesterday.  As I mentioned yesterday, I have done several iterations of the same plate of fruit, but it's kind of fun because I am learning a bit more about the set-up and my paints at the same time.

Not quite sure what I'll be doing (again!!) tomorrow.
I'll be back.....

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  1. Marny, your paintings are stunning! More, please!