Monday, September 22, 2014

gelli plate printing

A super quiet day today.  Best part....discovered Netflix France (which just arrived a couple of days ago)!!! Yay!!! Oh, and I did a few prints using my Gelli Arts printing plate. I've only used this plate once before and it is different from the gelatin plate I made at home.  I brought it with me because I thought it might go through customs more easily than my home-made plate, but I don't have a lot of experience with it yet  In addition, of course, I couldn't bring all my colours so I am limited in my experimenting to those that I did bring.  I'm going to try it again in the next while using some stencils and see how that works  (I'll let you know.)

A couple of these are printed onto paper that I prepared the other day by painting gesso onto them (the close-up shown above, for instance).  I can't say I notice much of a difference between those pages and the ones without gesso so I think I'll save the gesso treated papers to paint onto with my watercolour paints and pencils.  (I believe these are all Canson mixed media papers.)  It was fun to play.  I also brought a huge sheet of plastic with me because of course I am setting up my materials on the kitchen table and I need to protect the surfaces.  There is a little bureau here in the sitting room into which I have put all my art supplies (how handy!) and it seems I actually brought quite a few with me!!!  No wonder my bags were so heavy!!  I'll play some more tomorrow.

I'll be back...

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