Thursday, September 18, 2014

Les Halles, Avignon

Yesterday we went shopping at the large market Les Halles,  located in Place Pie, about a 15 minute saunter away from our apartment here in Avignon.  Lovely vegetables and fruits (and lots more of course, but let's start there!).  I came home and took some photos before devouring our purchases!

Our apartment is on the top floor of a renovated Chapel.  Our bedroom in fact is where the top of the bell tower used to be,...we climb a winding staircase to reach our apartment door!!  This pic was taken looking east....such a lovely spot to set the fruit for the photo!  And I have to be honest, it is pretty great to get here when there are still lots of figs around....oh yum!!  This might be a nice piece to paint.  But first a snooze....

I'll be back....



  1. How lucky ... figs!!! Hope you're feeling better soon. Tiny says hi :)

    1. Hi Jo. figs, yes, I went looking for them right away! Glad the wee one is doing well!!