Sunday, November 16, 2014

Drawing and painting and walking

I bought the sweetest little paint palette when we were in Paris (what a great souvenir!!) but of course I forgot to take a photo of it to show you.  I'll do that next time when I catch up with the rest of my Paris pictures.

In the meantime I have been drawing and painting lots.  I still haven't made it upstairs to my sewing studio (it's a bit chilly up there) but I've been enjoying taking my new paint palette for a test drive.  I bought some Sennelier half-pan watercolours while we were there as well, and have been getting to know the colours.  I tried to get the basic colours that I use all the time but the names are different and I haven't memorized the pigment numbers and letters yet but I think these are pretty close.  I'm also trying to work with just transparent watercolours.  The Sennelier pigments are quite rich and re-wet beautifully in the palette with just a little bit of spraying.  Lovely.

The drawings are done in ink which is a new technique for me.  Not very forgiving but lots of fun!  Also new for me is the fact that I did both of these sketches sitting in coffee shops.  I can't bring myself to look at people to draw them so I'll practice first by sketching from the television.....seems less daunting! The paintings are of leaves I've collected whilst out walking and the duck is a little ornament I have at home.  Handy!

We went for a walk the other day around a local nature reserve and the weather was glorious.  Beautiful sunshine.  This little shot was taken looking into the sun but I was intrigued with how wild it looked. and I loved the glint of the sun on the water.

And so that's it for the moment.  I'll get back to you as soon as I can with more of palettes and Paris.

I'll be back.....


  1. I had a dream once of being 'free' enough to sit in a coffee shop/public place and draw what was around me ... not yet ;(
    Congrats to you for having jumped that hurdle !
    Fabulous work, too !

  2. Thanks Marny. I do so much enjoy your retelling of your explorations coupled with your drawings.