Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Paris Part II

Oh my, I have to tell you, I thought Paris was just The Most Beautiful City.  The last time I was there was in '94 with 41 students.....not sure why that experience didn't quite match up to this one!!!  Oh wait, yes, I know....the '41-students' part!

This time it was just me and my guy, and since he has lived here before he knows the city well.  Such a perfect travel guide!!!  And he somehow managed to arrange amazing weather as well!!  Honestly!

The bridges, I loved the bridges.....

We stayed in the Latin Quarter just a couple of blocks away from the Seine. So many beautiful bridges.

Imagine this one without the cranes, the cars and the crazy civilization. Except for those little items, it probably hasn't changed much at all.  And the morning mist, eternal and forever, was SO beautiful.

Oh my gosh....

Locks on the walkway....locks on the bridge.  The padlocks, meant to symbolize unbreakable love, only started appearing in 2008 (on as many as 11 Paris bridges, but one can no longer attach locks to the bridges since the weight of all the locks was causing serious concern for the bridges' structure.)

We walked across to Ile de la Cite to see Notre Dame.

This pic was taken overlooking the river that runs on either side of Ile de la Cite.  More bridges! Notre Dame is just to the left.

One of many 'bateaux mouches' that we saw on the river,

And again, oh my gosh....

The weather totally cleared up and in the evening we went for a walk in the Jardins de Luxembourg.  I'll show you next lovely....

I'll be back...


  1. It is indeed so beautiful a city ... on my list for a return visit soon!

    1. Oh yes, Margaret. Well worth a return visit....I'm hoping to one day!

  2. Never been but hear from friends that it is a beautiful city ... maybe one day (sigh) !
    I have really enjoyed your travelogue ;)

    1. Sharron, it is an astonishingly gorgeous city. I hope you can get there one day.
      Thanks for was a really wonderful trip, I msut say!