Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Liz Steel, Lessons 5 and 6 and a bit

I haven't done too much in the last few days.  But I feel as if I've been quite busy, getting over my cold and getting ready for the festivities  (both of my little families are coming over for dinner tonight, 9 for dinner since my guy is away).  But I did manage to get a couple of things done for Liz Steel's class.

 This is another example of a measured set up.  I like drawing my stapler and have drawn it a few times now,  It is amazing how drawing the same thing really does get you better acquainted with your subject!!  I've had this little stapler for nearly 50 years!!!  You would think I'd know it by now!
I've used my watercolours again, the Winsor and Newton palette I made up.  I think that the grey of the shadow is too similar to the greys of Everything Else.  But that's ok, learning, learning.

This is a pic of my photo bag (it's a Kelly/Moore bag).  I am considering whether or not it might work as a sketching bag. Can't decide.  And then, where would I put my camera???  This is another measured drawing, first in pencil, then inked over with my Platinum cartridge pen (it's waterproof), pencil lines erased, and then painted with watercolours.

These are a couple of further efforts to draw the same bag.  On the left hand side I THOUGHT I was going to draw a gesture drawing, but in my typical fashion I kept on drawing more and more detail.  I have realized that this might just be my 'typical' fashion.  I am most comfortable with it.  But I am also trying a minimal gesture approach and I want to work on this method over the holidays.  The pic on the right is drawn directly with ink, no set-up lines.  I used my lovely Pelikan pen, with the non-waterproof ink, and then I used a waterbrush to paint out the lines using the ink in the lines for shading.  Another of my favourite methods.

And this little doodle is my first attempt ever at drawing a vehicle.  A bit wonky, but that's ok.  Once again, it was done directly with ink, no set up lines.  I love having my little sketch/notebook with me all the time.  I was waiting at the ferry to pick up my son and I just drew and painted the car parked in front of me.  It was kind of fun because I applied what I am learning about angles and foreshortening in Liz/ class not terribly well perhaps, but better than before.  I have to say it again, this is a Great Class!!

I am looking forward to a quiet period after the hols so that I can go over the lessons to date and do some thinking about what I've learned so far.  And to play some more!!

May the blessings of the season be with you, whether and however you celebrate it.

See you soon.....


  1. That bag certainly offers up many interpretations ... beautiful rendering !
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours !

    1. Thanks so much, Sharron. And all the very very best to you as well!!!

  2. How lovely these are. I'm so enjoying watching your progress through this class. You are producing some beautiful drawings - full of character and life.

  3. Thanks, Margaret. I certainly am enjoying the class, that's for sure. And even if it pushes one out of one's comfort zone, there is such a lot to be learned 'out there'!! Tks for visiting!