Saturday, December 13, 2014

Pears, more painting and stitching

I have painted another batch of pears.  I didn't find them quite as much fun to paint this time.  The last batch was painted onto bamboo cards (from Strathmore, a nice surface) and this time I used a Mixed Media card (same brand), with a much smoother finish.  I found this surface really hard to paint onto with watercolours  and so I struggled mightily. It's good practice.  I have yet another pack with this same surface, so I think next time I'll try using these cards on my gelatin plate....I suspect they will handle the printing inks much better than the watercolour.  In the meantime I have stitched a few of the images and overlaid them with the painted cards.   I haven't cut the fabric just yet and so they are not affixed onto the cards. Can't decide if I like this development although I think it has some potential.  And it is sparking some other ideas.

Not giving up, but for today, my energy is giving out. I'll be back....


  1. I have tried to imagine myself getting back into watercolours when I read your posts, but not sure I'd have as much patience to perfect that you do.
    Take care of yourself and enjoy the holidays ;)

    1. Thanks Sharron. I am enjoying the learning, but sometimes not the product so much!!!! But I keep thinking that a better one might be just around the corner, or the palette! It must be lurking in there somewhere!! Happy holidays!!