Monday, June 6, 2016

And again!

I know, I don't post for months and now look!!  But it's this whole art on the iPad thing, it is such fun, and so portable.  I have been importing thousands of photos into Photoshop Elements.  Photos from our trip to France in 2012 that are all on my old computer, in another version of Elements. (It's all so frustrating, this being such a lo-tech type person, I don't know how to just move them over.)  But nonetheless, I am carrying on and re-loading them, relabeling them, etc etc.  But the best part is getting to revisit all my old photos, and to play with them in the (many) apps that I have on my iPad.  Yesterday I forgot to have dinner!  It's all good.

This is this morning's effort.  It's from the side of a house just along side the arena in Arles.  Oh my.

Are you getting bored yet???  I can't seem to stop.
I did remember to have breakfast!

I'll be back.  More photos to play with!


  1. Love, love what you're doing! Carry on! So good to hear about your work again. :)

    1. Thanks, Jo. This is ridiculously good fun!

  2. Wow ! Love the effect ! Stunning !
    You are onto something here, Marny :) Keep up the good work ;) ! But don't miss any more meals !