Monday, August 8, 2016

The Oregon Coast and moving forward

I am one of those people who often starts a how-to book, or a new course, and who re-does the first chapter or the first module a Hundred times, and never gets any further!!  Mind you, it means I know the first chapter Really Really Well.  But here I am pushing on with my photoshop course and I have moved into the second part of the Second Module.  Second!! Second I tell you!   Yay!

I continue to be absolutely delighted with this course!!  Here is a link to the course, in case you are wondering what all the fuss is about!!

This is a pic I took several years ago on a trip down the Oregon Coast.  The scenery is spectacular and it is such fun to revisit some of my old photos.  Here I am practicing high-grunge technique, vignetting, layering, etc.

One of the advantages of being stuck at my kitchen table is that I can noodle away all day on my laptop, sometimes 8 hours or more, playing away with the information from the course.  Honestly, it is such a lot of fun!  But it's mildly obsessive....oh no wait, maybe that's just me!  And my guy is away for a week just now, so here I am, dawn 'til dusk.  My coffee gets cold, lunch is at's all Perfect!!!!

And I'm starting to think of ways to put some of my pics onto fabric....but not just yet.  Need a bit more mobility for that.

Oh, I do hope you're not getting bored.
Because you know I'll be back....


  1. Thanks for the link. After the Pixeladies, it could be just what I need, for revision and extension. In the autumn, when all our travels are over for the year, I'll be looking for amusement.

    1. Oh Margaret! Do check it out!!! But be warned....highly addictive material coming your way!!! Such fun!
      Can you believe it?? Sometimes I speak without exclamation marks. Sometimes.... (!!!)

  2. "My coffee gets cold, lunch is at three ... " ... lol ... love that kind of work that takes you away from the day to day !
    This one is gorgeous !!!

    1. Aren't we lucky to be able to follow our passions! No matter what time we eat lunch!