Saturday, August 6, 2016

Which one???

I have had to purchase more space for my Google Drive!  Quelle surprise!  And it's partially because I am saving (far too many of) my images to make comparisons for later, to try to remember what I've done whilst processing them, and so on and so on.  And therein madness lies!!  But it's kind of fun along the way.  For instance, this is a shot I took in Blois several years ago, during a coffee break (yeah, ok, coffee and croissant....but when in France, right??)  Both started out with the lighting effects filter and then one is posterized and the other has a watercolour filter applied to it,  Which one do I like best?? No idea!!!

Hard for me to decide.  I love the cartoon look to it all, however...that I like on both of them.  Such fun!

I'll be back.  Just have to save a few more images.....


  1. Very difficult to decide, I agree. And coffee and croissants when in France? Indeed a must ... Just off to our daughter's caravan to start the day. Hope the campsite shop is well stocked today!

    1. Hi Margaret! I believe you are in France at this very moment so I hope that, not only was the campsite well stocked today, but that you were able to get the requisite croissants!!! Bonne continuation!