Monday, September 19, 2016

A little frustration and a small view

I am still playing with my photos, trying to understand image size, save for web, importing into Lightroom (good grief, where did it go??), messing about in Photoshop, and basically moving files around from here to ..... where???

So this is one I have played with before. A street scene in Arles.  I am adding it here to see how it might look after all the madness I went through to get it here: I imported it from a file of my 'web version' photos, then ran it through Topaz Impressions (which I may or may not have installed correctly, so I seem to have to run it outside of Photoshop), then I re-saved it, then I brought it into  Photoshop, applied some layers, filters and effects, and when I checked the image size, it was about one inch by one inch.  All-righty-then!

More baby steps.  LOTS more baby steps!
Learning, learning.  I'm going out for coffee.  Seems the sensible thing to do just now!

I'll be back.

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