Wednesday, August 10, 2011

and even more

Here's one I did a couple of months ago. It is stamped onto clear acetate on the top layer, which is on top of a second collaged layer.  Fun all around.  total finished size is about 8 1/2 x 11.
This second isn't shown in its entirety since it is a wee bit larger than the scanner bed.  It is many layered:  the bottom layer, which you can only see part of off to the right, is roller printed with printer inks;  next comes a piece of hand-dyed silk organza; then a layer of watercolour paper with procion dye washed on it and then stamped with my own stamps with discharge paste; on top of that is a layer of stamped and painted molding paste and two layers of a stenciled rose (my own stencil), both organza and silk gauze...coloured with shiva paint sticks.  I sewed on the paste layer and the silk layers because I felt that glue might compromise the procion-dyed paper layer.  Again, I seem to really enjoy these colours.  Whyever not, I ask?!

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  1. Oh Lordy, these are gorgeous! I love to see your "style" expressed so beautifully in all of these works. You obviously love the purple tones, and the greens,and you use them so very beautifully. I am in awe, and, even better, I am inspired!