Wednesday, August 10, 2011

cruciform studies

Trying out the cruciform.  I seem to really like these colours!  (I am posting these as a way of keeping track of work I have done, so that even if I lose them in a pile somewhere I will have these little pictures as a reminder!  Losing my mind as well as my pictures is a bit more than I can handle at the moment).  These were done by collaging magazine and hand-painted papers and then stamping over with texture making items, such as bubble wrap.  I still need to work with using more tonal values.  But it's fun trying!  The first one is 9 x 12. The second one is 9 x 6 and wasn't meant to be crooked.  sigh. The third one is cut down from 9 x 9, so I'm not sure what size it ended up.  The fourth is a rerun of the third, but cropped slightly differently.  Well, not cropped well at all since it took on a mind of its own once it hit the scanner bed, but the idea is there. I can't decide if I prefer the third or the fourth.  Fun to have options though.

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  1. Impossible to say which I like the most. They are all stunning.