Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Daniel, here's the pic

So, my first attempt at a watercolour.  Not quite spot on with the colour of the apple, but faithful to my love of fuchsia!!  I got a little watercolour palette (Cotman's) at Island Blue to use as a travel palette.  It's got 12 different colours and quite a bit of room for spreading water around.  These aren't artist grade colours, but I believe one can fill up the trays with tube colour once they're are done.  I also got a couple of travel watercolour brushes, the kind that have their own water reservoir.  They're fun and easy to use.  And to clean: just squeeze out the water until the 'brush' is clean and off you go again.  Perfect.  A fun exercise. I think it needs a bit more colour in the background box, though.  I'll ponder.


  1. Congratulations on entering blogdom! You have picked up watercolours so quickly. I wonder what a fushia apple would taste like? :) Yvonne

  2. i am loving these watercolours!

  3. tks for your comments, yvonne and jana. This really is a lot of fun. And thanks Yvonne for perservering through the 'comment conundrum'. marny