Saturday, September 24, 2011

Home again, home again......

Gosh, what a week!  After two years of classes I felt the same way I felt at the end of the school year....totally exhausted and yet, somehow, quite satisfied.  It has taken me a few days just to get myself back on track again but I still feel as if I need a (-nother) nap! 
But the week was great.  We spent 4 days getting ready for the exhibition, choosing backgrounds for our pieces, deciding which piece to place next to which and where to finally to hang it.  In addition to our show, Gail also prepared a sort of retrospective of works done by students and graduates of her other programmes....but first the space for that had to be prepared and there were many people working on that side of the building finishing the construction of the rooms and finally hanging that second show.  Finally, there were nearly 400 people that came through the building on the Saturday and Sunday of the exhibition itself.  It really is a lovely venue in a beautiful setting....I hope it will be a great success.  For more pictures of the event on Gail's website, check out the wordpress at 
I have tentatively signed up for the Level Three Stitch starting next August.  It's such a wonderful way to learn.  And a sort of  mini-holiday!  Such fun. 

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