Saturday, October 15, 2011

Couching and handstitching

Well, clearly I am having trouble with holding the camera square so please forgive the jaunty tilt of the piece!!  This  piece relies quite heavily on winding the more robust threads onto the bobbin and stitching with the fabric face down on the needle plate.  I love the exciting moment when I turn the fabric over to see what effects have been created.  I also happen to love these colours together...oh yes, I seem to have quite a huge yarn stash as well!  I couched the fuzzy yarn down by hand.

I am heading off to a workshop with Kerr Grabowski in Coupeville.  I leave early (very early!) Monday morning and will be back the following Sunday.  I'll post some pieces from that workshop when I get back.  Have a happy week!  I know I will!

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