Friday, March 2, 2012

Mix and Match, Part 1

So I have been working like crazy just lately on an 8-page mix and match project.  I've had cut-out pieces all over the place and have been taking 'possibility' photos of numerous different lay-outs.  Mostly I've been driving myself crazy with all the possibilites but here is what I've settled on.  It all started with a ginger jar and a brass pot.  And a piece of paper that I painted and stamped on with some of my own stamps.  It was the twiggy leaf branch that intrigued me the most.
This next shot is of the first and fourth pages, page 4 being the back of the page shown above.  In this shot, I have folded it back on itself to show the flip side.

My goal was to try and carry the themes of the jars and the branch (let's call it) all through the 8 pages.  Here you can see the shapes of the two jars.  These two pages are done with acrylic paints.  This next shot is the least cohesive of the 8 pages and shows pages one, two and three.  Page two is done in soft pastels and I'm thinking of continuing the darker background colour over toward the third page to link them a bit more closely. 
I'm not too sure how to link the first and second pages but I'm considering a couple of ideas. Because then of course it also has to work with pages 1 and 4 as in the second photo above.  See what I mean about crazy-making??
Any thoughts???
I'll post some more pages later.  Back soon....

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  1. Diggin' the Ginge Jar & branches. It looks like the right page is a continuation of the shadow of the jar....moving into the lighter white then's an interesting progression.

    blue>white>beige>light side of jar>shadow side of jar>dark (looks black) half of page w/branches>orange (blue's complement)...awesome Marny!