Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jacquard fabric paints versus Inktense pencils

I am working on an image to affix to the fabric that I dyed the other day (the big reveal, CC.  They're pears!!!).  The image on the left was painted with the inktense pencils.  I like it, but it doesn't have the vibrancy that the right hand image has, in my opinion.  (I think for my current project the painted version is better.  But in all fairness, I do love the pencils, and where I was starting to apply several layers of the pencils I think the colours were getting richer and richer....)  For the fabric paints I used just orange, blue, black and yellow to mix the various colours and I was quite pleased with the different colours and values I managed to get.  I was doubly pleased because the paints themselves are about 5 years old!!  I still have to iron them to heat-set them, iron on some wonder-under and then cut them out.  Miles to go before I stitch, as it were!

I shall plod on, so  I'll be back.....

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