Monday, September 10, 2012

Soy wax and procion MX dyes

I'm starting a new project. 

I did some dyeing yesterday using procion MX dyes thickened with dye paste.  It was some of the ready-mixed thickener (in powder form)  from Pro-Chem (so convenient!) but it was a bit old and I found that I needed to up the quantity I added to the water in order to get the thickness of paste that I was after.  But that's all right, I just whisked some more of the mix into the paste and it thickened up in about an hour.  The paste wasn't too thin initially by any means, but once I had added the dye concentrate (that was mixed with the urea water) I felt the paste was a little too runny for screen printing.  But once I got it right I was good to go.  I stamped on the wax first and let that set.  Then I ran the thickened dyes through the screen I had prepared.  I think I was a little over zealous in covering up the white areas left by the screen and so I lost some of the definition of the design (learning, learning).  The white parts that show here are from the stamping I did with the soy wax onto the white fabric.....there was no way the dye was getting under that application!
I rinsed it out this morning.  I started with cold water and synthrapol and gave it a couple of rinses in cold water.  The water was running pretty clear but I could see the wax was starting to float on the water.  Warm rinses and then hot rinses (plus synthrapol) and a lot of the wax was coming out.  Enough that, I must confess, I am not really happy with the idea of putting the cloth into the washing machine.  There was quite a build-up of wax in the washing-out bucket and also in the sink... oh that's right, it was my kitchen sink.....does that mean I can never use my kitchen to prepare food in ever again???....that I may have to eat out for the rest of my life??? No, I just poured some boiling water into the sink (and the bucket) and I think I should be all right.  (Do you think??)  I don't have laundry tubs so there really isn't another alternative.....but I really don't want to put it into my washing machine.  I'm not about to pour boiling water into that!  I hung the fabric on the line outside to dry, gave it a really good shake before I brought it inside, and then ironed it between several pieces of brown paper.  (I do have a spare iron, just not a spare washing machine!)

I'd love to know if you've had any similar experiences with the soy wax and what you're doing with the washing out.   Is there really no wax residue in the machine??

On with the project.  I'll be back.....

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