Tuesday, February 12, 2013

More screenprinting

I am taking a screen printing course, another of the courses that Dionne Swift offers.  Another great course!! I would recommend this course as well!  (you will recall that I took her class Drawing for Textiles...fabulous!)
This little print was done by painting procion dyes onto the screen and then pulling off the print using clear print paste.  Such a lot of fun.  Dionne's classes are fast-paced and filled with lots of ideas for future work.  She gives feedback pretty much right away (!!! impressive!!) and one can interact with the other members of the class as well.  She also has a facebook page for 'alumni' where one can keep up with all the students that are in class as well as students from other classes that Dionne has taught.  Everyone seems very helpful and willing to share their knowledge!  What a bonus!!
I haven't decided quite what I'm going to do with this little picture but it will involve stitching for sure!!  Perhaps a journal cover (I'm getting lots of sketchbooks needing covers!!) or even a journal page. The second pull of the print is a little different and will also be fun to stitch onto.  If nothing else, they will be great samples to practice either hand or machine stitch on (I printed them onto a cotton sateen which is so lovely to stitch into).
So that's it for today.
here is a link to Dionne's website.  Check it out.   www.dionneswift.co.uk
I'll be back.....

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  1. Ooh, Marny. These are beautiful! And I love the difference between the two pulls. Can't wait to see them both stitched up, for I know you will add yet new dimensions and texture. Yay Marny!!