Saturday, March 2, 2013

Such a week!

I am working through some of the exercises in the class I am taking with Dionne Swift.  This one is about creating sketchbooks and is another of the on-line classes that Dionne offers. So far I would say that each class is totally excellent and well worth taking.  Maybe even twice!!!  So far I have only done the first two lessons for this class and so I'm a bit behind but am hoping to make some headway this weekend.  Here is where I am at so far.

Another huge bonus of the classes with Dionne is all the fabulous people that one gets to meet in class (and so a huge welcome to my new followers from Dionne's classes!!  Such fun!).  It seems that quite a few of these wonderful artists have blogs that I have already been following, some for a few years.  It's so great to meet them 'in person' as it were.  Now if I could just get over that big ocean once in a while to really meet up in classes it would be perfect...but this is a fine substitute.  Do check out Dionne's classes

So I can't decide if I've had a busy week or not.  I didn't get done nearly what I had set out to do, but I wasn't totally idle either.  I have dyed some new fabrics for the next picture I am working on.
My goal is to create the pictures using one blue, one red and one yellow.  So far it seems to be working out all right.  I ordered some new threads (oh, the indulgence...and honestly, who needs to eat???) and am looking forward to playing about with these new and totally delicious colours.

And I stitched onto one of the screen prints that I created in the class with Dionne on screen-printing.  It wasn't the best of the prints I got of these little pears but provided a fun surface to practice on.  I am going to cut this down to postcard size and send it off to Jane Davies.  Jane is trying to save her little post office in Rupert, Vermont and is encouraging people to send mail there to see if that will help.  Check out her site for a fun story around this project.
 and also at
for a great little video of her post office and her 'girls', her chickens.  Sweet!
Here is my pear piece before cutting it down to mail
As I mentioned, this wasn't the best screen print I got from this screen, but it was perfect for practising.
OK, that's it for me for today.
I want to get at the next lesson for the class with Dionne and I am wanting to work a bit more on some of the stitched picture I am busy with.  And I have sick kids and grandkids to get some things done for....sigh....
Note to self: take vitamin C and echinacea!!!  Too much to do to get sick...
I'll be back.....


  1. Marni we seem to be leading parallel lives right down to saving our local post office and dealing with sick kids and grand kids. I love the glimpse that Blog land gives us into other people's lives even though we are an ocean apart.I look forward to following your crafting journey.

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Pam. Love your blog as well!! See you in Blogland!!

  3. Marny
    Thank you for your lovely commentary on your blog :-)
    I'm glad so many connections are being made across continents! I'm adding your blog address to my feedback blog on and you might get a few more followers too.
    Great working with you both :-)
    Until next time - Dionne x

  4. Hi Marny
    Was so good to make contact through the online workshop. It would be great if one day you can get to this side of the pond. I am still painting pages and enjoying every minute of it. Shall follow your sketchbook journey with lots of interest.
    Best wishes

  5. Hi Marny - I'm a friend of Maggie above and am just about to start Dionne's sketchbook course on her recommendation - can't wait.
    I will now have a good look at your blog ........
    Incidentally, I used to teach and lived for a while on Vancouver Island - in Duncan - a lifetime ago but I have fond memories. As Maggie says, good to make contact with people all over the world - extraordinary this blogging thing ....

  6. Hi Charlton Stitcher and thanks for stopping by. I know you will love Dionne's sketchbook class....all her classes are really great!
    And yes, I know Duncan well! So great to 'meet' you, indeed, I do love the blogging thing!