Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Interesting times with so much to learn.

Well, my guy is back and we are settling into being 'two' again, but certainly nothing has been routine.  Whilst working in the garden the other day we made an awful discovery....my guy in anaphylactic.  He was stung twice by wasps.  We hastily set off for the pharmacy to purchase antihistamines, then quickly decided on the clinic, then the hospital, but by then, (in a space of a few moments) things were progressing far too quickly, so I called an ambulance from the car and waited on the roadside for help.   It seemed as if it took forever to arrive but I suppose they were quite quick....we weren't too far from the hospital, thank goodness.  Because he nearly died in the ambulance.  Too scary.   But they managed to get him stabilized at last and after about four hours in the hospital I was able to take him home. Not a pleasant experience for anyone but least of all my guy.  How quickly things can change.  So we are wrapping our minds around this new 'normal'.  There is so much to learn.

In the meantime, we are doing more normal things and they are a lot more fun.
 We are babysitting and we are learning lots here as well:  for instance, we now know that it is very important to choose the right footwear when one is setting out on a walk.  For everyone involved, apparently.
And sometimes no footwear is appropriate!  I did a photoshoot for my neighbor the other day (he's a retired potter who has moved into painting) and he has allowed me to use the photos.  So this one I stitched. Not sure where it'll go next, but the continuous line was fun.

Oh gosh.  I must clarify....I am behind the camera.  Most definitely NOT on the bench.  Yikes, perish the thought!!!  'Scuse me....hey, stage props....can we get the bigger bench over here???'

I am still moving along at a snail's pace with the rest of my work.  Starting something new today so hope to have something to show you in the next little while.
I'll be back...I promise...


  1. Wow Mary, so much in a single post. Understand you situation with the surprise bee bite. So pleased he was home and not is some far off place when this happen. Good recovery.
    Love the women on the bench.. you have such a eye.
    See you in July.

    1. Tks BJ. Yup, looking forward to July!!! See you then!

  2. Marny another example of parallel lives, our grandson Flynn went into anaphylactic shock on our watch last year, talk about scary I watch his features turn unrecognisable in the space of five minutes and his throat started to close. The paramedics whisked him to hospital pretty darn smart. After many tests it turned out to be dust mites (his brother was holding an old cushion over his face when it happened). The good side is the whole family have clinically clean houses now.
    I love the cheeky bench. I'm in the middle of drawing for textiles with Dionne at the moment and loving it.

    1. Hi Pam. Great to hear from you! yup, anaphylactic shock...very scary. Gosh, I`m glad it`s not a dust issue my house, mostly because some of my dust bunnies have names now!
      I think Dionne`s drawing for textiles class was my favourite. Enjoy!!!

  3. Marny ... such a lot in this post and aside from the nasty time after the wasp sting, I have to say how much fun it is to read your post ... your humour makes me laugh and resoates with me !
    I can't say enough about that beautiful sewing sketch of the ladies on the bench !!! Wow !! ... and again, loved your very humorous aside re; larger prop ... that would be me , too !!