Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kemshall's Quilting and Patchwork

So, in a bold and daring move (really??) I have decided to sign up for the Quilting and Patchwork class offered on-line by the Kemshall's.  I already subscribe to their DesignMattersTV and I love it.  I have taken their Sketchbook class, and I loved it as well.  So I have decided to go for their two-year quilting class.  Yikes!!! But I really do love their classes and find them very professional and very inspiring.  So, here we go!  I have completed a couple of the activities in the first module and since I really haven't done much else in the way of art, (sigh), here they are.
 This first one was completed using pencils only, from HB to 9B.  I really enjoy messing about with pencils and found this exercise a lot of fun.
This one was completed using watersoluble pencils (from Derwent) and I find these a bit more difficult to manage (not the pencils themselves, but the managing-of-the-water part).  Even so, it was a lot of fun.  I enjoy drawing very much and wish I was inclined to do it more often.  I certainly do it more than I used to, however, so that's something, right?
OK,  that's it for the moment.  I'm going to move on to working with colour and hopefully developing some sensitivity around that so I should be busy with the next exercises for a couple of days (or maybe the rest of my life...).
I'll be back...


  1. How exciting and all good luck! These drawings look lovely.

    I'll be fascinated to see how you get on. I've been dithering about signing on for a module of the OCA Textiles course ever since I retired 5 years ago, but there always seems to be a good reason why the time is not right - which is feeble of me ...

    However, I'm sure these on-line courses are a great way forward as it's really increasingly difficult to find good college courses (eg City and Guilds, etc) here in the UK. The government decided they were not things to encourage so the courses closed down ... sigh ...!

  2. I am definitly in the market for an on-line course, too.
    Your drawings are lovely ... good lucj with the 2 yr. course.

    CS ... sad to hear about the City & Guilds !

  3. Yay you're back at it!! Lovely.

  4. Wow Marnie you draw so well.My sketchbook course with the Kemshall's was a magic time, they opened up a whole world for me. I bet you are going to have fun and lot's of pleasure on this course.