Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Grain and grunge

I am working away on my learning curve in Lightroom and Photoshop, sometimes moving forward, sometimes Sysiphus-fashion, slipping backwards, starting again.  And again.  I am not hi-tech, that is for sure, and I am sometimes, no often, totally confounded by what is happening, or not happening, and trying to figure out what is going on....I am quite obsessed.  Round and round I go.  My head is very full!!

But I am discovering some things that I do like.  I like a grain-y quality to some of my pictures.  Sort of a grunge look.  Like this one.  And I am hoping that as I go along I will be able to add a more sophisticated look to my grunge (can those two thoughts even exist together???).  I am excited at the thought that as one learns more, one sees things that didn't seem evident at the outset. So this is a first-take, baby steps.  Starting somewhere.  Seeing nothing, feeling my way.

To this one, I have added layers of marks that I made on paper with water soluble graphite.  And grain.  And grunge.  Baby steps!

(Steph, this is one of the shots that I took when you kindly pulled over and let me take photos on the way to La Conner.  Thanks for your patience!!!)

I'll be back.


  1. It's fascinating to see what you are up to. I think from your postings that you're using things I have yet to get on top of. I've no time now till the Autumn to spend focused time with photoshop so I'm continuing with the functions I know and can use quickly. New stuff will unfortunately have to wait!

    1. Hi Margaret....oh my yes, the time does seem to disappear. And now I am going between the iPad and ALL the apps I have, and Photoshop and Lightroom!! Yikes, brain overload!! But it is fun! And I LOVE what you're doing in your digital/stitch many possibilities!!! So many paths! L'embarras du choix!!

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