Friday, July 15, 2016

Oh deer!

I was out the other day, not particularly early, and two of these lovely creatures were just snacking at the buffet that is my neighbour's garden.  Footprints in my garden tell me they have been stopping by my garden again, and that is why there are no longer any tulips around in spring time (a favourite snack) and why there are no roses in anyone's front gardens.  Not to mention pretty much everything else that seems to be fodder for these hungry creatures, especially the young ones who will chomp on Everything!  They are, in fact, something of a problem in my neighbourhood (and elsewhere throughout the city).  Much heated debate re culling, etc. and ticks, lyme disease, car accidents, etc.  Difficult issues.  Early yesterday morning I was out in my car and there were four beautiful young bucks, with velvet-y antlers, grazing at the plantings beside the golf course.  What to do, what to do.....

This is a quick pic I snapped, because I always seem to have my iPad with me, and then I processed it in iColorama. His buddy had just stepped out of view.

Back soon.

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