Tuesday, June 5, 2012

And then this happened!!

I told you we were staying on a farm??  And just outside the gite's windows there is a field with three cows in it, all expecting at any moment.  Well, whilst standing in the window, I looked out and saw this!  Oh my goodness!!! she's having it now!!  I sputtered.  My guy, bless his heart, left the something-or-other finals of the French Open, and went over to the owner's place to let him know and fortunately, he (the owner) was just arriving back from somewhere (who cares where, at least he was back!) and he was able to go over and make sure the mum was ok.  It all happened very quickly (which I can only presume isn't always the case).  Anyway, it's a little female and over the next couple of hours I watched as she got herself up and wobbled around.  The mother was very attentive, washing her and encouraging her to get up and get on with the business of living.  And then the little one starting nudging around learning about the feeding business.  And then a little practice with the walking business.  Well, I was exhausted so I can't imagine how they were feeling!!!

I notice this morning that they aren't in the field any more so I have to presume that the owner has moved them somewhere sheltered and cozy.  Bonne continuation, little one!!
Back soon with flowers!!....


  1. Hi Marny
    Am enjoying your travel blog, oh, so much! Thanks for sharing. I've watched calves being born and it is a wonder. I'm glad she delivered easily. Saved the farmer from putting on his very long gloves and lending a hand!
    What a wonderful trip you've had. So many memories. So much inspiration.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Laura. Yup, it's been a fabulous trip and still a couple of weeks to go. No kidding about the long gloves. The only time I want to put them on is when I'm rinsing fabrics out of the dye bath!!! I hope to visit with you at the end of the month at one of our textile meetings!! See you soon.

  3. How incredible for you to witness this and document it so well. Thank you Marny. I love your travelogue. Jarina

  4. What a special experience to have witnessed - I really enjoyed seeing this - thanks for the post!

  5. Thanks, Jarina and Yvonne, I'm so glad you enjoyed this post....I had a few reservations about posting it....you will admit it is somewhat different from my other France posts!!! But it does fall into the 'what I saw in France' category so here it is!!!
    Just under two weeks to go.....I wonder what else I'll see!!! Well, whatever it may be, you'll see it too!