Thursday, June 14, 2012

Once more in the garden, with sunshine!!

Here is the second posting to show you the garden at the gite where we are staying this week.  This posting will show you the front garden and then a couple of extra shots that I just couldn't resist.  Some of the shots were taken in the morning and some in the afternoon because, how lovely, by the evening the sun had come out so it was even more beautiful than before!!!  Is it possible, you gasp!!! And yes, it is!!.....
Here we go again:
 In this first shot I simply walked off the driveway, under the grape arbor, into the front garden.  Here I am looking north.
 I turned to my left, and faced west.  I went through these posts, above, to walk onto the lawn below.
 Next, I walked around the curve shown above and took the shot below.  (Although I may have taken this shot in the evening, and the other in the matter, the same shot!!)

 This shot is taken looking into the flower bed in the right of the photo above, I think.  (sorry, are you terribly confused??? I confess I am a wee bit, and I was there!!!)
 In the shot above I am looking south toward the posts that I walked through (in the second shot above).  Can you see the posts on the left hand side there???
 A very serious conversation was taking place on the patio!!!
 This lovely lady was watching over the conversation that was going on above...(you can see the carnations behind the duck just on the bottom right hand corner of the shot above).
 In the garden just north of (behind) the statue above there are more roses, raspberries, more vegetables, more flowers, more of everything!!!  And this charming gate not really leading anywhere, just looking pretty with the roses!
 I think this shot was taken from inside the raspberry (etc) bed looking south.
 Then I looked south again and took this shot of the front of the house.  Such a lovely spot for a meal or afternoon tea, don't you think???
 Here are the hostas you can see above, near the table and chairs, looking again toward the pond.
 And a couple more shots of the pond.  The shot below was taken in the evening.  I just had to show you a shot with the sun on it.

 Here I am standing again in the driveway, in the evening, looking out onto the wheat fields to the west side of the property.  Beautiful, everywhere you look.

 And two more shots of the back of the house, taken this morning in the bright sunshine.  The first one is the gite once again, looking very inviting as an early morning spot for coffee.  And the final shot is just plain magical.  Oh my gosh, it is all too too lovely!
There was so much more to see but tomorrow I have to show you what we saw in Bruges......back soon...


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