Friday, June 1, 2012

l'Abbaye de Beauport

We set out early this morning, in the fog, to visit the abbaye de Beauport.  It's about a two-hour drive from our gite in Saint-Juvat and we were a wee bit concerned about the fog since the Abbey is situated on the northern coast of Brittany near the city of Paimpol.  We were remembering our earlier trip to Cap Frehel, in the fog!  No worries, we got there around lunch time after stopping for coffee en route and by then the fog had burned off. We had a lovely lunch in Paimpol and wandered around a bit before heading off to the Abbey in time for its 2:00 opening.  I was able to take quite a few (hundred!!) photos before the fog began creeping in again just as we were leaving.
 This first shot was taken as I was walking up to the abbey, before paying to go inside.  The abbey was established in 1202 and sits on 110 hectares right on the water.  It is a lovely setting.  It is also the departure point for the pilgrimage of Saint-Jacques de Compostelle that spans 1800 kilometres and ends in Santiago de Compostella in Spain.  The abbey has fallen into ruin which adds greatly to its beauty in my estimation.  Some areas have been restored and the work continues including work in the gardens.  Check out this link for a slide show and more information
 The rest of these shots were taken after I went into the Abbey and wandered around for about an hour. It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

 We have had a lovely restful week here at the gite.  The rural setting is exquisite and our hostess has been both discreet and attentive. And the cows, you gotta love those cows!!!
So tomorrow we set off for Rouen.
More later....


  1. Lovely- your descriptions and photos are equally beautiful - thank you again for sharing your trip with us.

  2. What fantastic photos.... inspiring many stitch projects upon your return, if not already in your sketchbook..
    I appreciate your diligence in posting.. I tried to post while we were there, but having only 2 weeks I just didn't want to take the time.

  3. Thanks you two for visiting. I continue to have such a good time. Can't wait to visit with you both later this summer. (Love to see your pictures at that time, BJ!!) It truly is a luxury having this much time to both enjoy my holiday and write about it. And still a couple of weeks left. How lucky I am !!!